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Ever since I was young, I had this tendency to break apart jewelry and repurpose it into something different. I remember my father would find jewelry pieces as he rode his bike home from work, and would hand it to me knowing I would repurpose it and make my own piece.

As I got older, I had this dream of wanting to design and create my own unique pieces, but I wasn't exactly sure of what exactly that would be. It wasn't until I walked into the kitchen at my parents home, and saw my younger brothers baptismal pin that was handed as a bombonnierie (italian), which was a pin with a cross and evil eye charm. I had that aha moment, and presented the idea to my fiance (now husband) who told me that this was a common piece in his culture (Assyrian) placed on babies when they're born to protect from the evil eye. During this time, we were struggling with my (late) mother in law's cancer journey, so i wanted to start creating pieces that incorporated tradition, as well as faith.  

Since then, we have grown and evolved to creating pieces for every reason, event, and purpose. We have created pieces for our own cultures, but also other cultures, faiths and beliefs. There has not been a piece we haven't done. From baptisms, fertility, weddings, communions, confirmations, remembrance of passed loved ones and pets, health issues, celebrations, good luck and just because - we have done it all for everyone. I love what i do, and i love creating pieces that are sentimental to others, and hearing everyone's purpose and reason as it has helped us remain humble, continue to evolve, learn and grow. 

We would love to create your special piece for you. It is within our craft to help you select pieces that hold special meaning, and assemble them to perfection, using the best quality tools and materials so that they are long lasting. To get started with us, browse our premade collection or submit a custom order form after reviewing Our collection.

We cannot wait to work with you.

XO Yolanda

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