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At Bambini Santi, we craft each custom piece with love and care. Whether it is a cherished piece meant for a wedding bouquet or suit, a religious event, a memorial piece to honor  passed loved one(s), or a piece for good luck and faith, we are here to create the perfect piece to suit your needs. 


We take pride in using the finest materials, and sourcing one of a kind pieces to create that unique, and special piece for any occasion, and any recipient. 

We use the highest quality materials gaurenteed. All of our pieces are extensively tested to make sure they are durable and last long. Our pieces are ethically sourced.

Your experience with us will include a 1:1 consultation on how we will design your piece, and will include previews and ideas suggested. In the end, you will receive a piece that is special to you and that will hold a sentiment.

As our pieces featured on  Instagram are custom made, all custom orders must have a custom form submitted. However, we do carry premade pieces available for direct purchase. To build your own piece, check out "our collection", to view our latest inventory and collection, and submit a custom order form. 


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